6th Grade Exploring Computers

Exploring Computers

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  • Create a Word Cloud   Goal: Try this app in social studies, science, reading, or language arts to create a cloud symbol representing the vocabulary you are using in content classes or in something you're reading.
  • Keyboarding     Goal: Improvement. Since most assignments and all assessments are online now, you need to be able to communicate effectively via keyboard (without looking at the keys). 
  • Make Your Own Avatar ​  Goal: Who are you online? Create and put a face on the apps and sites you use.
  • Keyboarding Apps  Goal: Improve by 5-10 words per minute over the score on your initial test so you can write your thoughts clearly without stumbling over the keys.
  • Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts​
  • Missing: Internet Safety  Goal: Everyone make mistakes online. What are they and what are the consequences?
  • Internet Safety  Goal: Test your knowledge of what to do and what not to do online.
  • Cyberbulling   Goal: Think about it. Who does it and why? Are you a victim, bully, enabler, or someone who tries to stop it?
  • Who Are You?​   Goal: What's important to you? Why? How do the people, places, and things in your life shape who you are?
  • Animoto   Goal: Share the visual images of who you are in a movie with music that fits your images. It's a forever slice of you now at this point in time.
  • Hour of Code     Click Home to start learning! 
  • Storyboard That  Goal: Reading allows you to create pictures in your mind of the people and events you're reading about. Use this app to fulfill that vision. Create a graphic novel version of a novel you've read this year. ​