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The Casey Library is dedicated to providing equitable access to materials students and teachers require from a 21st Century library staffed by a teacher-librarian commited  to creating a culture that encourages lifelong learning and a community of responsible digital citizens. 

Library Hours: Before school (8:10-8:35) Throughout the day (closed 30 minutes daily for lunch) and after school most days (3:35-4)

How to Access Sora: BVSD Unified Collection of EBooks

Visit visit Sora in Chrome or download the free Sora app from the Apple App or Google Play stores on a mobile device.

Select ‘Find my school’ to search for Casey Middle School. Now explore BVSD's middle school digital collection..

 Wondering What to Read?     

Here are some websites to get you started:

 Hour of Code: This week Dec. 3-7 2018 at all lunches in the library!

Why should you code?

Learn more about the Hour of Code

What is the Hour of Code?
The Hour of Code makes computer programming accessible to everyone through fun, quick lessons. You don’t need any prior coding experience to facilitate these activities—you can learn along with your students.

Check out our Hour of Code lessons:

  • Drawing with code: Students learn to program using JavaScript, one of the world's most popular programming languages. (Ages 8+)
  • Creating webpages: Students make their own webpages using the basics of HTML and CSS. (Ages 10+)
  • Creating SQL databases: Students learn the fundamentals of databases using SQL to create data tables and query data. (Ages 12+)
During the 5 days Hour of Code was featured during lunches in the Casey library in December 2016, 139 students gave it a try. Most were first timers with no experience coding, but most said they liked it enough to continue on their own. Among the 7th and 8th grade coders, half participated in HOC the previous year. "Why play someone else's game when you can create your own?" is our coding motto.

Casey Book Fair at Barnes & Noble: Join us on Wednesday Dec. 19!

Once again, Casey choir, band, and orchestra students will perform at Barnes & Noble on Pearl Street to the overwhelming support of book store patrons.  Supporters at the store made over $2,000 in purchases both in the store and at the online book fair. Depending on the amount earned this year, we'll be able to use a portion to add new books to the Casey library. Thanks to all the amazingly talented Casey performers, their parents and siblings, and especially to teachers  Mary Bateman (choir), Kelsey Reeve (orchestra), and Kati Sainz (band) for their incredible support for the fourth year! Checkout pictures taken at previous events!

It all starts with ordering a yummy Cheesecake Factory specialty item. Print out your order form and ask your student to drop it off with your payment in the library or office. Thanks!


Newberry Winner Avi shares his latest with Casey Dreamers visiting Barnes & Noble in Boulder. 

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Teacher Tips and Tricks

How to Write a Clear, Cohesive and Purposeful Email Messages (Ms. Hershey, language arts)
How to Write a Research Question (Ms. Norton, social studies)


Research ​

 Quick  Links

      Boulder Public Library

    * Use BPL's free databases with your own library card or (use this database log in to   find  information.

    * Sign up for your own library card

    * Tips for conducting a key word search online
    * Use NoodleTools to keep track of your sources, create notecards, and make an outline from them.  This is the best way to   avoid Plagiarism, which is stealing someone else's ideas or words and using them as your own.
    Credible Sources Count Tutorial.



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