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Casey 1: Web

  • 1:Web Device Assignments: the requirement for students to receive a device has changed, with 2 basic requirements: 

    • ADU/OLR Parent Agreement needs to be signed 

    • 1:Web/Loaner return: 9th-grade students must return their 1:Web device assigned to them in middle school and/or loaner device. 6th-grade students must return the loaner device that they may have received during the COVID deployments (in 5th grade)

  • Digital Citizenship: will still be a requirement, but the timeline for students to sign and complete the course is after they receive their device. See information from STEM about the Digital Citizenship course.

  • Chromebook Model: We’ve secured a new device for 1:web, the HP Chromebook 11 G8, which has several upgrades from the previously deployed G6 model. The G8 model is spill-resistant and has a pick-resistant keyboard which makes it harder to pry keys off along with reinforced corners making it a more rugged model. 

  • Yearly Fee: $49 per year. NOTE: to keep costs down for students/families as we transition to the new model, we will not use multi-packing. These devices are coming to us individually packaged. Our team will unpack devices and deliver them to your school in crates. These will need to be stored in a locked storage area. (More to come as we work with you to plan the logistics of deployments.)

  • Deployment Schedule: August 2020


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