Student Information


Students need to feel safe to be able to learn. Boulder Valley School District is committed to the safety and security of each

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of the more than 30,000 students and staff using our facilities each day.  The Security Department for the Boulder Valley School District operates 24 hours a day year round, including weekends and holidays. Security agents patrol schools after hours and on weekends. 

If you need to report a non-life threatening emergency such as vandalism, water line breaks or suspicious activity around a school, call the Security Department at (720) 561-5051  or (303) 442-2400.

In the case of a life threatening emergency, call 911.


Safe2Tell provides young people a way to report any threatening behaviors or activities endangering themselves or someone they know, in a way that keeps them safe and anonymous. For additional information and resources, please visit the BVSD Safety and Security website

Make a Report

The Boulder Valley School District is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our students.

Victims of sexual harassment are encouraged to report the incident to an adult they trust, whether it is a school counselor, administrator or law enforcement. Reports can be made orally or in writing. Written reports can be made using the Board's Complaint form, AC-E2. is here. Learn more on our Help for Students page here.

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